Jabez Designer Platform

Empowerment and value added, SA/advisors can complete most of the programs. You can design RWD(Responsive web design), Work Flow and Apps in Jabez Designer(JD) to shorten development time. Also responding to Customers quickly, create your own value.

Shorten development time, get market needs quickly

ERP(Enterprise resource planning)

Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Ecommerce business, Performance Management

EIP(Enterprice Information Portal)

CRM(Customer Relationship Management), Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Attendance Management

Development of API

POS, electronic invoices, membership management system

Global Cloud-Based Management

Enables the effortless management of staffs, equipments, products and view of transactions. Engineers can complete the complex and multiple information with development service on the platform.


Counter, mobile and table-side order cashier, you can chose whatever you want.

Online Ordering

Scan QR code to order, whether it’s in-store pick up or delivery, tickets will be automatically printed in the kitchen.

Kitchen Display System

Tickets appear instantly when sent from the POS.

Self-service Kiosk

Mobile payment, Digital Menu Board.

Cloud-based Membership management

Rewards points, add value, Redeem Points, Coupon.

Automated Express Food Delivery System

Customers can order and pay by themselves, food would be delivery by automated conveyor belt.

Mobile Payment

Integration of Gateway, QR Code, offer extra layers of security, Reduce cash flow risk.

Electronic Invoices

Electronic invoices service will save time, reduce mistakes for staffs.

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